While I’m stalling on drawing comics, I like to read comics. Here are some links to some that I really enjoy reading when I’m trying not to work. If you see your comic on the list and want a banner up to go with it, I’d love to put one up. For most I opted for text so I can say what the comic is actually about.

If you’d like to make a link exchange, please contact me at taleweaver_io at, and if you want a banner from me, just shoot me the dimensions you want and I’ll whip one out for you.

Her Majesty No More
- Manga style story, home-schooled princess gets a dose of reality.

Lavendar Legend
- Another fantasy comic, but manga style with cross dressing!

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
- Wonderfully funny comic featuring macho guys from tv, games and movies.

Simply Sarah
- I hate Drunk Duck, but the actual comic is heart warming, features F+F with some NSFW scenes.

- Contains M+M relationships, NSFW 18+, beautiful art and story.

The Way to Your Heart
- Manga-style Visual Kei band goodness, lots of pretty boys.

YU+ME: dream
- Contains F+F relationships, A surreal *finished* comic that hooked me.